Friday, July 12, 2024

NIO begins deliver ET5 electric sedan, Tesla Model 3 major competitor

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The NIO ET5 electric sedan begins shipping to customers this September 30 and will arrive in cities across China, the electric vehicle announced on its mobile app.

Details regarding the delivery of the ET5 electric sedan were not disclosed in the app including the number of deliveries that have been made.

The NIO ET5 was first introduced in December last year with deliveries made nine months after its initial launch.

The ET5 is NIO’s second electric sedan after the ET7, and its sixth production model. ET5 uses the NT 2.0 platform in addition to other models namely ES7 and ET7.

The ET5 is the cheapest electric vehicle in the NIO lineup, with prices starting at $46,200. Customers are also given the option of renting a battery with prices starting from RMB 258,000 and a monthly battery rental fee starting from RMB 980.

The NIO ET5 is seen as one of the strongest competitors to the Tesla Model 3 in China which is one of the largest electric vehicle markets in the world apart from the US and Europe. ET5 became available in several NIO showrooms earlier this month.

Here’s Everything We Know About The NIO ET5, Tesla Model 3 major competitor

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