Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Toyota and Lexus target of 3.5 million Electric Vehicles (EV) sales by 2030

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Toyota Motor Corp. targets to sell 3.5 million electric cars globally by 2030 to build momentum in promoting carbon neutrality.

The Japanese automaker said it was ready to invest 8 trillion yen (USD 70 billion) in electric cars by 2030, while launching 30 electric car models globally.

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“The situation around energy differs from region to region. Therefore, Toyota wants to meet the situations and needs of different countries and regions by offering various options in terms of carbon neutrality,” President Akio Toyoda said at a press conference, quoted by Kyodo today, Friday. , December 17, 2021.

Toyota has previously said of the eight million electric cars it wants to sell by 2030, two million of them battery electric cars and fuel cell cars.

According to Toyoda, the world’s largest automaker will also increase its investment in battery development to 2 trillion yen from the previously announced 1.5 trillion yen.

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