Saturday, July 13, 2024

Tesla Secures Approval to Test Full Self-Driving Systems in Shanghai, Eyes Expansion in China

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Tesla has been granted approval to conduct tests of its advanced driver assistance systems on selected streets in Shanghai, a move seen as a crucial step towards deploying its Full Self-Driving suite in China’s competitive automotive market.

The approval, reported by Bloomberg and citing sources familiar with the matter, signifies Tesla’s advancement in its global self-driving ambitions, with China becoming the first country outside the United States where the company is conducting such tests.

Tesla plans to initiate early testing with a small number of vehicles in Shanghai and is exploring the possibility of expanding to other cities, including Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. The initial phase will involve Tesla staff operating the vehicles on public roads.

In May, Tesla received tentative approval to operate its Full Self-Driving system in China after addressing initial regulatory challenges related to mapping and navigation functions. Collaboration with China’s Baidu reportedly helped resolve these issues, including concerns over data security raised by Chinese officials.

The approval to test Full Self-Driving in China is a significant milestone for Tesla, enabling the collection of valuable data to enhance the accuracy and reliability of its autonomous driving technology. It also positions Tesla favorably in China’s competitive EV market, where numerous manufacturers offer models at lower price points than Tesla’s vehicles.

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