Friday, July 12, 2024

What we know so far about Chery Gene concept car

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Chery Gene, Chery’s newest concept car, features a futuristic exterior and looks like a RoboCop. The front of the concept might be the first element that catches the eye thanks to the prominent LED headlights and the illuminated Chery logo.

Dimensionally, this concept car comes in at 5000 mm in length, 2000 mm in width and 1750 mm in height. Just above and below the light bar are glossy black accents, giving the vehicle a bit of a Robocop vibe. The front bumper also supports a dramatic aerodynamic splitter. Bold design choices made very visible on the sides.

The body color of this SUV is identical to the RoboCop color, with matte silver paint throughout the body combined with gloss black accents. Chrome accents are also visible on the rocker panels while black and white alloy wheels with a solid spoke design also look eye-catching.

The striking exterior design is reinforced by large LED taillights complete with black accents that are no different from the front fascia. Not only that, the Gene concept also features an electric skateboard and two drones that can sync with the vehicle and offer passengers an immersive VR experience.

The interior concept is also noteworthy. In standard Real mode, the driver can use the futuristic steering wheel to drive the SUV. However, when Gene is switched to Meta mode, the steering wheel folds, the seats recline, and autonomous driving technology takes over.

Although there has been no official announcement whether the Gene will be included in the production model, but some rumors talk about a possible launch in the market in 2025.

Chery debuts GENE concept car with Robocop-style design

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