VW ID.Buzz is sold out for European Market, even before the first deliveries took place

VW ID.Buzz is sold out for European Market, even before the first deliveries took place

ID. Buzz had sold out in even a few months before the first delivery were made.

Advanced sales have now passed 10,000 units with 3,400 units already ordered by Norway which is indeed a leader in electrification adoption in Europe. The Scandinavian country has made regulations banning internal combustion engines starting in 2025.

German buyers were second to Buzz's orders. A total of 2,500 people deposited the , while and the Netherlands secured 2,100 between them, News Europe reported.

Production of ID.Buzz started at Volkswagen's Hanover plant in May. But deliveries have not yet been made and are not expected to ship until October in mainland Europe. The UK using the right-hand drive configuration will get in early 2023. Meanwhile the US, one of the largest markets, will have to wait until early 2024 to get the electric van.

“10,000 orders, without the car actually being at the dealer, let alone a customer having driven it. That is just impressive,” 's head of sales, Lars Krause wrote to employees at the Hanover plant in an email.

“I am very pleased that the ID Buzz and the ID Buzz Cargo are already selling so well,” Krause said. “We are, after all, still in the launch phase, before the market launch. Pre-sales have not even started yet in France and the UK.”

Volkswagen aims to produce 15,000 ID.Buzz this year, increasing to 60,000 next year, and 130,000 later in the model cycle.

The European version of ID.Buzz is available with an 82 kWh battery and comes as a minivan. One of the reasons why US consumers have had to wait longer for ID.Buzz is because the North American version uses a longer wheelbase that won't launch in Europe until next year.

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