Friday, July 12, 2024

There are 11 times more EV charging sites in Manhattan than gas stations

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According to the US Department of Energy, there are now 320 publicly accessible charging stations across Manhattan. With the same area only has 29 gas stations. This means that there are 11 times as many charging stations in Manhattan as gas stations.

Manhattan is special because drivers have long struggled to find a place to refuel in the area.

While the number of charging electric vehicles continues to grow, some gas stations are torn down and replaced with high-rise buildings.

In business, gas stations are known to have very thin profit margins. As land prices continue to rise in the city center, it makes more sense to build apartment blocks. The manager earns money on apartment rentals and brings in the extra cash from electric vehicle chargers installed in the underground garage.

Some hotel managers, office buildings and parking lots have multiple EV chargers which not only provide extra service to customers but also bring in additional revenue.

According to Bloomberg, many chargers are located in existing parking garages. Meanwhile, the New York government could add more roadside chargers, as they can serve more people.

The state of New York recently said that it would ban the sale of passenger vehicles with internal combustion engines by 2035.

Manhattan is just one example of accelerating charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Across the New York area there are 697 gas stations and 520 EV charging stations, San Francisco has only 92 gas stations and already 139 EV charging stations.

New York follows California to end gas vehicle sales by 2035

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