Scania Electric Truck Operates in the World’s Northernmost Arctic Region

Scania Electric Truck - Scania Electric Truck Operates in the World's Northernmost Arctic Region

The 19-ton has entered service in ’s Svalbard area, which is one of the northernmost inhabited arctic regions in the world.

The is operated by the Norwegian postal service company, Posten Norge, and is tasked with distributing all packages, mail and deliveries in the municipality of Longyearbyen by .

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“Posten Norge has started using the northernmost electric truck in the world in its regular operations at Longyearbyen, latitude 78 degrees, to the delight of employees and customers, and I hope this serves as an inspiration to others,” said Tone Wille, CEO of Posten Norge citing the website. Scania, Thursday (5/5/2022).

The vehicle is claimed to have passed the test and has joined forces with other Posten Norge and ensures that logistics operations at Longyearbyen are sustainable.

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Previously, Posten Norge had been electric trucks from Scania in Arctic conditions in Svalbard for a month. By early 2022, 37 percent of Posten Norge vehicles will be ready to be powered by renewable energy sources.