15 Scania L230 Electric Trucks Ready to Operate in Singapore

Scania L230 Electric Trucks

Swedish manufacturer has signed a cooperation agreement with German recycling company ALBA W&H Smart City.

Under the agreement, Scania will supply approximately 15 units of Scania L230 electric trucks to the ALBA W&H Smart City branch of the company in Singapore.

By Scania, this is an effort to encourage the implementation of sustainable transportation. On the other hand, this shipment marks the sale of Scania's first battery- to the Asian market.

The Scania L230 has a low entry cabin with a battery capacity of 297 kW/h installed which will make the electric truck perfectly compliant with processing standards in Singapore.

David Lantz, Scania's Director of Sustainable Transport Drive in Southeast Asia said that Singapore is one of the most densely urban areas in the world which makes efficient, emission-free and quiet waste collection a key contributor to achieving a more sustainable quality of life.

“By implementing a specific policy on electrification which in turn creates a market for , the Singaporean Government is really taking the lead in pushing for sustainable change,” he explained quoting Scania's official website, Monday (25/4/2022).

In addition, Scania also said that the sale of the trucks was partly driven by the Government of the Republic of Singapore's strong commitment to sustainable transportation and has made a precondition of all tenders that a certain minimum number of waste collection fleets must be powered by electricity.

“We see that cities around the world are now driving the trend towards electrification through environmental laws and aspects such as total operating costs,” said Kristine Stålhandske, Sales Manager for eMobility Scania Group.

“Therefore, forward-thinking waste management companies like ALBA W&H Smart City see the potential to expand into this area,” he continued.

The 15 new Scania electric truck chassis are under construction on Scania's main assembly line in Södertälje, , and will be delivered to Singapore in mid-2022.

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