Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Panasonic plan to start mass production Of Tesla 4680 batteries in 2023

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Panasonic has developed a 4680 battery with a larger capacity that will be used by Tesla. Panasonic is changing the entire shape of the electric mobile battery and putting more energy into existing battery cell sizes.

The Panasonic 4680 electric car battery will go into production in 2023. The Japanese electronics company will also build two additional production lines at its Wakayama plant, West Japan.

Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic’s Energy Business, Kazuo Tadanobu, revealed that Panasonic has spent the past year and a half developing new batteries for electric cars.

This development is said to be quite a stamina drain. “But we believe that electric vehicles are the most impactful revolution happening in our society,” said Tadanobu.

Tadanobu also stated that he believes that battery cells have the potential to change the world of transportation. Panasonic’s 4680 million battery will have a significant impact on lowering the price of electric cars.

Tesla itself plans to make electric vehicles at an affordable price. The vehicle is planned to be cheaper than the Tesla Model 3.

In the US, the Tesla Model 3 retails for $35,000. Well, this new electric car is planned to be priced at USD 25,000.

To get a low price, Tesla’s new electric car will use Panasonic batteries, which are claimed to have a larger volume and fewer cells.

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