Friday, July 12, 2024

Nikola Motor & E.ON partnership for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure

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E.ON and Nikola announced partnerships to build hydrogen and related infrastructure supplies that serve the needs of fuel cell truck operators.

With this partnership, customers will be offered an integrated mobility solution for hydrogen use. E.ON and Nikola have signed the term sheet and are now negotiating concrete provisions from the final agreement.

The partnership between E.ON and Nikola will focus on the 8th grade trucks of heavy tasks, namely vehicles with a gross weight of more than 33,000 pounds or 14.97 tons.

The core of the partnership is the provision of hydrogen at stationary and cellular fuel filling stations.

Both companies consider batteries to be a suitable solution for trucks with shorter distances and longer charging time. Meanwhile for long -distance trucks, E.on and Nikola said fuel cell vehicles must provide a longer range without significantly increasing weight.

“At e.on, our goal is to drive the energy transition in Germany and Europe. For this, we also need innovative customer solutions, “Says Patrick Lammers, COO Customer Solutions at E.ON.

Nikola said that this partnership was important for environmentally friendly mobility solutions in Europe.

“Nikola has a Deep Understanding of Transport Demands and will continue to develop costs, fully sustainable solutions that involve our zero-eemissions trucks and hydrogen infrastructure to our customers. This joint venture is a critical element in transitioning the transport sector and aligns with e.on’s expertise in energy networks and customer solutions to lead the european transport sector. ” said Michael Lohscheller, President of Nikola Corporation

Nikola has just presented Tre Bev and the beta version of TRE FCEV with their European partners Iveco.

Nikola secures parts supply for production of Tre electric trucks this year

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