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Baojun unveils teaser of tiny EV off-roader with a very small footprint

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Baojun has released a teaser for a new electric car in the form of an SUV. The teaser for Baojun’s newest electric car was shown at the launch of the Baojun KiWi model 2023.

This teaser is strongly suspected of giving the first appearance of the small electric car, the Baojun SUV, which will be shown at the Guangzhou Auto Show towards the end of the year.

Unfortunately, until this news was revealed, Wuling or Baojun had not provided additional information about the electric SUV.

Seeing the teaser, the Baojun SUV electric car has a body silhouette similar to a reduced Ford Bronco 2-door or Suzuki Jimny.

The ‘Bronco’ impression of the electric car is strong through the box-shaped body wrapped in yellow and silver on the roof.

In the body of the electric car, there are roof rails, fenders and bumpers that resemble the Jimny, and side steps.

Oh yes, on the front, this SUV electric car has headlights and DRLs that are slightly inspired by Porsche.

If Porsche has four-point symmetrical DRL lights, this electric car has four symmetrical oval-shaped DRLs.

Now this oval shape is not only in the front, but at several other points such as the grille panels, door handles, and taillights.

Regarding specifications, the Baojun SUV electric car is rumored to have a platform base similar to the Baojun KiWi.

If you look at the specifications of the Baojun KiWi, it has an electric motor that drives the rear wheels with a power of 54 hp or 68 hp.

The potential for this new SUV electric car will have all-wheel drive and have a more powerful electric motor.

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