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Volvo begins production of 3 electric trucks, representing about two-thirds of the company’s sales

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Volvo has now started production of heavy-duty electric trucks from the company’s most important product range, the models currently in development are the FH, FM and Volvo FMX models. The truck will be able to operate with a total weight of 44 tons and the three models represent about two thirds of the company’s sales.

With this new addition, Volvo Trucks has six electric truck models in series globally, making it the largest electric truck lineup in the industry.

“This is a milestone and proves that we are leading the transformation of the industry. It’s been less than two years since we showcased our heavy electric trucks for the first time,” said President of Volvo Trucks, Roger Alm in his official statement on Wednesday 14/9/2022.

According to Roger, his company is currently increasing production volumes and will ship electric Volvo trucks to customers throughout Europe, then also to customers in Asia, Australia and Latin America.

Production of Volvo’s heavy-duty electric trucks will begin at the Tuve plant in Gothenburg, Sweden and next year the plant in Ghent, Belgium. The company manufactures electric trucks in the same way as its conventional trucks, which provides high production flexibility and increased efficiency. Batteries are supplied by Volvo Trucks’ new battery assembly plant in Ghent.

According to Roger, the demand for electric trucks is increasing rapidly in many markets, the need for buyers to turn to fossil-free transportation to meet their sustainability goals. Volvo’s electric truck portfolio can account for about 45% of all goods transported in Europe today.

“We have sold around 1,000 of our heavy electric trucks and a total of more than 2,600 electric trucks. We expect volumes to increase significantly in the next few years. By 2030, at least 50 percent of the trucks we sell globally will have to use electricity,” he said.

The six models of Volvo Trucks electric trucks currently in use cover a wide range of payloads such as municipal distribution and waste handling, regional transportation and construction works.

Volvo Trucks officially opens its first battery assembly plant in Ghent, Belgium

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