Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ford F-150 Lightning Vs Rivian R1T – which is best?

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We know that the electric vehicle market for the pickup truck segment is very competitive. Numerous electric vehicle manufacturers are releasing their flagship electric pickup trucks to compete in one of the largest segments of the US auto market.

The Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T are two electric pickup trucks that come before their competitors. Both come with agile acceleration, impressive range and spacious accommodations.

However, the two are very different in several ways. We start with the price first. The low-end F-150 Lightning is about $40,000 less than the low-end R1T. However, when we look at the trim levels and opt for the F-150 Lightning Extended Range battery, you’re looking at ~$81,000, which is more than the R1T’s $73,000 price tag.

The name is a pickup truck, both have the ability to tow and transport. The R1T is said to be the better choice for adventure thanks to its higher ground clearance, quad-motor system and adaptive air suspension.

Meanwhile, the F-150 Lightning is referred to as a traditional truck with an electric powertrain. However, its larger size and larger bed make it more practical to use as a work truck.

Zac and Jesse of the YouTube channel Now You Know compared the two electric pickup trucks in depth to see the differences between the two.

Some of the things compared to include bed access, frunk access and size, rear seat space, overall storage, spare tire, glass roof, power outlets, sound system, small luggage storage in the front seats, and air conditioning.

While you may have already chosen an electric pickup truck, there may be some details that you don’t know. If you’re still confused between the Rivian R1T or the Ford F-150 Lightning for your mobility needs, be sure to watch the video to see all the comparisons.

After you’ve seen the video, tell us which electric truck is your favourite, and why?

Ford starts retail customer deliveries of the F-150 Lightning

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