Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Elon Musk: Tesla’s FSD V12.4.2 Heads to Internal Testing

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently provided insights into the rollout progress of Full Self Driving (FSD) V12.4.2, stating that the update is advancing to internal testing this week.

Musk emphasized the pivotal role of FSD in Tesla’s future trajectory, highlighting its potential to enable true autonomous driving and propel the company to new heights. He acknowledged the significant allocation of resources towards FSD development, underscoring its critical importance within Tesla’s strategic vision.

Updates to FSD have garnered enthusiasm among veteran testers of the advanced driver-assist system, particularly with V12.4. Musk’s recent comments on the update have generated anticipation, despite earlier reports indicating delays in wider distribution beyond employee testing phases.

Responding to queries from longtime FSD testers, Musk discussed the improvements in V12.4.2, noting its smoother performance. He highlighted the challenge of maintaining high safety standards while enhancing ride comfort, a balance Tesla aims to achieve with the new iteration.

Regarding the potential wide release of V12.4.2, Musk indicated that Tesla is cautious, focusing on ensuring there are no safety setbacks before proceeding. “We just need to confirm there are no safety regressions,” Musk affirmed in a statement on X.

One significant feature of FSD V12.4 is its updated driver monitoring system, which now primarily relies on data from the cabin camera to monitor driver attentiveness. This update replaces previous methods like steering wheel reminders, which were effective but criticized by some users as intrusive.

The developments in FSD V12.4.2 mark a significant step forward for Tesla’s ambitious goals in autonomous driving technology, as the company continues to refine and expand its capabilities in this critical area.

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