Friday, July 12, 2024

Electrify America Launches Pilot to Reduce EV Charging Station Congestion

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Electrify America has initiated a pilot program at ten of its charging stations aimed at managing congestion by limiting electric vehicles (EVs) to 85% state of charge.

This pilot, known as the Congestion Reduction Pilot, is currently active at high-utilization stations in Southern California. According to Electrify America, these stations were selected due to their congestion issues and proximity to other EV chargers, ensuring that EVs with shorter ranges are not disproportionately affected.

The primary goal of the pilot program is to reduce wait times for EV owners. Charging sessions at these stations will automatically terminate once an EV reaches 85% state of charge. Drivers will then have a 10-minute grace period to move their vehicles before incurring idle fees. Attempting to resume charging beyond 85% state of charge will not be possible.

In a statement, Electrify America noted that the pilot was launched in response to customer feedback. The company plans to closely monitor station performance and gather customer sentiment throughout the duration of the pilot, making adjustments as necessary to optimize the charging experience.

The pilot program represents Electrify America’s proactive approach to managing growing demand at EV charging stations, reflecting broader industry efforts to enhance accessibility and efficiency in the EV infrastructure landscape.

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