Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ebusco launches 2.2 electric bus in Australia

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Dutch bus company Ebusco announced the launch of its services and operations in Australia with the introduction of the e-bus 2.2 model. With this model, the company offers a new way of traveling without emissions in Australia with the bus’s spacious design and USB ports on every seat.

“Ebusco is excited to embark on this journey and has the possibility to expand with local manufacturers focusing on right-hand drive electric buses,” said Ebusco Global CEO Peter Bijvelds, quoted from the Ebusco website.

When he started the company 10 years ago, says Peter, he knew he needed to find a better and cleaner way to deliver people. Currently the company has more than 400 buses around the world that have covered more than 60 million kilometers.

“This has saved more than 55 million kg of CO2,” added Peter.

Meanwhile, Ebusco Director for Australia, Simon Pearce said, over the past three years, a small team has been working hard to achieve the long-awaited moment.

“The arrival of the right-hand drive Ebusco 2.2 bus in Australia is a major milestone for our company,” he added.

As is known, Ebusco supplies type 2.2 in four variants, namely 12 meter bus (city & regional), 13 meter bus, 13.5 meter bus and 18 meter bus. The bus can accommodate up to 90 passengers.

With a 350 kWh battery, the Ebusco 2.2 (12 meters) can cover a distance of up to 350 km. For a 500 kWh battery pack (optional), the Ebusco 2.2 (12 meters) can cover a distance of 450 km. This distance is quite far, all city and regional transportation can practically run on 1 battery in a day. In the evening, the bus will charge at the depot to get ready for the next morning.

Ebusco receives order for 19 Ebusco 3.0 electric buses from Nobina Group

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