Xiaomi testing 140 EVs across China for autonomous driving

Xiaomi testing 140 EVs across China for autonomous driving

Corp is currently running tests on 140 vehicles across China for driving, said company CEO Lei Jun.

The news marks a milestone for the smartphone manufacturer, which announced it would enter the competitive industry last year and challenge established brands and several start-ups.

The company has 500 staff devoted solely to developing the forthcoming autonomous driving with an investment of 3.3 billion yuan for the initiative.

Lei also unveiled a humanoid robot dubbed CyberOne, weighing 52kg and 177cm tall, though it’s not ready for mass production yet.

Many other Chinese companies are investing in autonomous driving technology. Governments in several cities in China have also issued regulations for the operation of autonomous vehicles.

Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in 2010 and quickly turned it into the best-selling Android smartphone giant.

In 2021, Lei announced that Xiaomi will enter the electric vehicle market and aims to bring its cars into mass production in the first half of 2024. Earlier this year the company started construction of its first car factory in Beijing.

Xiaomi ready to unveil its first electric vehicle prototype in the 3rd Quarter of this year