Unilever adds heavy-duty electric truck from Volvo to its fleet

Unilever adds heavy-duty electric truck from Volvo to its fleet

Unilever added a Volvo heavy-duty that will be used for the company’s transportation needs in the . The choice of using a Volvo is due to having sufficient coverage for regional transportation from distribution centers.

The Volvo heavy-duty electric truck uses a 540 kWh battery and has a range of up to 300 km on a single charge. Unilever has not specified the exact model used. ’ electric truck portfolio is FH Electric, FM Electric and FMX Electric with over 1,000 orders.

This is the first time Unilever has chosen a Volvo . Unilever is part of the EV100 initiative, which brings together companies committed to shifting to electric vehicles by 2030. They recently co-founded the EV100+ with Ikea, JSW , Maersk and DPD. All pledged to transition their medium and heavy duty (over 7.5 tons) to zero-emission vehicles by 2040.

All heavy-duty Volvo trucks have three electric motors coupled to the Volvo Trucks I-Shift transmission. The manufacturer puts the combined electric motor output at 490 kW and the transmission torque up to 28,000 Nm. Power take-off is available in electric (40 kW), electromechanical (70 kW) and transmission (150 kW) versions. The six-unit -ion battery pack in the e-truck is equipped with the energy content of 540 kWh.

Unilever estimates the new e-truck will reduce up to 100 tonnes of carbon per year compared to regular diesel trucks when charged with . The company added that they are investing in setting up a high-charging at their Tiel distribution center in the Netherlands. “Adding a charging facility on an existing site is a challenge, affected by warehouse design and network capacity, but we are working on it and learning a lot from this project,” said Unilever. “Any new warehouse we open in the future will need to include electric vehicle charging as standard.”

Volvo Group plans to build battery plant in Sweden to support electric truck production