This 1998 classic MINI turns emission-free after receives 96-horsepower electric motor

Classic Mini Electric - This 1998 classic MINI turns emission-free after receives 96-horsepower electric motor

has unveiled a project that restores and transforms this special classic Mini into an (7/6). Yup, this new MINI project collaborated with designer Paul Smith and successfully converted a 1998 Mini Paul Smith Edition.

This converted Mini Paul Smith Edition was officially introduced at the Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan, Italy. “We’ve made a 1990s car relevant today,” said Paul Smith, designer of the Mini Paul Smith Edition.

“Ideas are never a problem because they can be found anywhere. The challenge is to make it happen,” added Smith.

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In appearance, this classic Mini converted to MINI Recharged retains the blue color that takes inspiration from Paul Smith’s shirts.

Not only blue, this classic Mini also has a lime green color typical of the 1990s on the components of the box and charger cable.

While the exterior still looks like other Mini Paul Smith Editions, the is actually designed to be simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Taking inspiration from the MINI Strip, the front cabin of this convertible Mini Paul Smith is dominated by the floor and body exposed without a cover.

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On the exposed floor, this classic Mini gets a simple rug made of recycled rubber.nThe dashboard still retains the typical Mini design which features a round speedometer and some classic model indicators.

Of course, this simple interior still gets a modern touch in the form of a magnet to put a cellphone. In addition, MINI and Paul Smith did not forget to embed a removable steering wheel to make getting in and out of the driver easier.

In terms of performance, MINI provides the Mini Paul Smith Edition with this electric motor with a power of 72 kW or 98 hp. Unfortunately, MINI has not mentioned the battery capacity or mileage claims.