Mini offers electric conversion for classic models

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announced a program to convert the classic Mini model to an electric car called Recharged. in the program, selected technicians from MINI will revive classic MINI cars with an electric touch.

This step is a continuation of the program that was presented by MINI at the 2018 New York Auto Show. At that time, MINI displayed a classic MINI car that was already purely electric. The car then received positive appreciation from MINI fans around the world.

This appreciation then motivated MINI to continue on a large scale through the Recharged program. The car company that has been purchased by the BMW Group will later provide electric motors that will replace conventional engines in classic MINI cars. Carscoops mentioned that the electric motor can generate power of 121 horsepower.

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In addition to the electric motor, MINI will also provide a battery which is claimed to be able to cover a distance of about 160 km. Its mileage ability is not too fantastic, it's just that for needs in the city it is more than enough.

What's interesting, MINI actually provides a special service in the form of replacement. So if consumers end up not liking the conversion, they can get the old conventional machine back. “The old machine has been marked and stored. So it can be reused if desired,” wrote MINI's official statement.

It's also worth noting that the conversion doesn't mess with the car's iconic look or design. MINI engineers put in the utmost effort to maintain that design by only making changes in the addition of a charging port and instrument cluster.

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“Future collaborations are also planned as part of the MINI Recharged programme, which will allow renowned artists to express their creativity with classic MINIs specially designed to go electric,” said Sebastian Beuchel, MINI's Head of Global Brand Management.

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