Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tesla may add more variables to improve range estimate calculation

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Tesla appears to be working to add a new factor that will affect its estimated range of cars, according to information from the @greentheonly twitter account of Tesla fans, owners, and well-known “green” hackers in the Tesla community.

This has actually been mentioned several times in the past, although there are new details hidden in Tesla’s latest software update.

The @greentheonly twitter account provided a thread sharing what he discovered as Tesla made its regular over-the-air software changes. The information it finds comes into play along the way, so its analysis gives us some sort of clue as to what’s new in Tesla’s software changes.

Most recently, @greentheonly made a tweet regarding the Tesla 2022.20.7 software update:

From his tweets, he seemed excited to know Tesla was linked to that detail in an attempt to improve its estimated range. Including reasonable tire pressure affects the estimated range.

Green says there are several small variables that can affect the estimated range, such as battery heating and cooling, air density, energy for car accessories, phone charging and more.

It’s no secret, range is one of the things that manufacturers highlight in selling their electric vehicles.

From a user perspective, accurate range estimates will help EV owners on longer trips between cities. More accurate range estimates help drivers know when to charge their EVs.

For daily use, an accurate range estimate might not be much of a problem, as usage is only a few dozen kilometers before the EV is re-charged at home.

Several others replied to @greentheonly’s tweet, and provided a bit more information.

Several other Twitter users said that temperature is a variable that also affects the estimated range.

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