Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tata Motors to Launch Avinya EVs, Potentially Including SUVs and MPVs, Based on JLR’s EMA Platform

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Tata Motors has revealed plans to introduce Avinya EVs, potentially comprising SUVs and MPVs, based on Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) EMA platform. According to a report from Autocar India, Tata Motors Chief Communication Officer Vivek Srivatsa indicated that the Avinya EV lineup will encompass various body styles, with SUVs and MPVs dominating the lineup.

Tata Motors has been rumored to be developing a compact MPV similar to the VW Touran since 2013. While the company never launched this model with an internal combustion engine, there is speculation that it could be considering an electric version of this vehicle.

The EMA platform, shared with upcoming Jaguar EVs, is expected to be adapted for different vehicle segments and price points. Given India’s price-sensitive market, Tata Motors is likely to use a more basic version of the EMA platform compared to the one used for Jaguar models.

It is unlikely that Avinya EVs will support ultra-fast charging due to cost considerations and the limited availability of ultra-fast chargers in India. Tata Motors is reportedly leaning towards a 300-400-volt system for Avinya EVs, which is more practical for the current charging infrastructure in the country.

The Avinya EVs are expected to be more sophisticated than Tata Motors’ existing EVs, with a focus on premium features. Tata Motors is set to launch a “very premium electric SUV” based on the EMA platform, as mentioned during a recent earnings conference call.

While Tata Motors has confirmed the launch of an Avinya series of EVs, it has not clarified whether Avinya will be a new marque or a sub-brand. Keeping Avinya as a separate brand could allow Tata Motors to emphasize its premium positioning compared to its existing Tata.ev brand.

The first Avinya EV is scheduled to debut in 2025, potentially as a production version of the concept unveiled by Tata Motors in April 2022. The concept combines SUV luxury with MPV functionality, featuring a compact size suitable for India’s urban environment.

The expansion of the Tata Motors and JLR collaboration to include electric vehicles underscores the growing importance of electrification in the automotive industry, particularly in emerging markets like India.

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