Friday, July 12, 2024

Rivian postpones deliveries of R1T Max with quad-motor until 2024

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Rivian is known to have not delivered a single R1T electric pickup with the largest battery. Then, a Twitter user with the account name @klwtts claimed that he got an email saying shipments of the Max Pack Quad Motor R1T had to wait until 2024.

“Your estimated delivery window has been updated in your Account. Delivery of the R1T Quad-Motor + Max package is now planned to start in 2024,” reads the announcement, based on shared screenshots.

Rivian also apologizes for the time shift, and realizes that it can disturb consumers. “We are working hard to upgrade and deliver as many vehicles as possible,” he added.

However, the American electric vehicle automaker said it will share more news about the Max package later this year, including the earlier launch of the Dual Motor + Max package with deliveries starting in Summer 2023.

Reservation holders are advised to reconfigure their orders if 2023 delivery is critical, either by opting for a dual motor version or downgrading to a smaller battery pack (Large, 135 kWh).

“If at any time you reconfigure or change the delivery address, your delivery estimate in your Account will be updated to “processing” pending our next scheduled update,” explained Rivian.

While waiting for that time, the company promises to update your forecast every three months, i.e. every January, April, July, and October.

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