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Renault and Geely collaborate to develop hybrid SUV car

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At the end of 2021 ago, the French manufacturer, namely Renault, will form a coalition with one of the automotive brands from China, namely Geely. And as a form of collaboration between the two brands from different continents, they will collaborate to present an SUV product with Hybrid technology.

The Hybrid SUV, which is currently being developed by Renault and Geely, will target the upper middle class segment. Even Renault itself mentions that later this hybrid SUV product in collaboration with Geely will carry high technology that may not have been found in other cars.

The Renault party said that this Hybrid SUV car is claimed to be very suitable and in accordance with innovation and technology based on digital technology. “It is hoped that in the future, this car will be the answer for people with environmentally friendly cars, which in addition to promoting sophistication and ease of use are important in the future,” said Reanult.

Renault and Geely themselves have actually shown the silhouette of a Hybrid SUV car that will be predicted as the first product of their collaboration. From the looks of it, this car looks like it carries the appearance of a crossover coupe with the use of a distinctive swooping roof on the C pillar. As well as the shape of the car body that hints at an appearance that is targeting the premium class.

The reason why they don’t present a fully electric car, both Renault and Geely say that the Hybrid car product is the right product as a starting material. They want to see first how this Hybrid SUV product can compete in the market before working together to make pure electric cars.

Talking about how the form and appearance of this Hybrid SUV car, Renault and Geely do not want to reveal in detail until now. However, it is planned that car products as a result of cooperation between the two brands can be produced as soon as possible in 2023.

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