Porsche Taycan electric car tour around the world with a social mission

1001858 - Porsche Taycan electric car tour around the world with a social mission

The will travel the world with a special mission to protect the environment and help the poor . Through a mission titled Join the Porsche Ride, the car will travel to various countries on seven continents.

During the visit, Porsche hopes to contribute to society and the environment. Including the poor from among young people who do not have access to education.

“Social engagement is an important part of our Porsche culture. As a socially responsible company, we want to play our part through the Join the Porsche Ride initiative,” said Albrecht Reimold, Porsche Production and Logistics Board.

The efforts made by Porsche are also a response to the post-Covid-19 pandemic. Economic difficulties make young people’s access to education even higher. Many young people are forced to leave school because of financial difficulties.

In an official statement Porsche said the trip would last for 2 years. The first visit will be in the Leipzig region, .

Later, Porsche will invite young people to get to know environmental education. The trick is to invite them to know the natural potential that exists in Leipzig. It is known in the area that Porsche has a forest of 132 hectares in which there are three million honey wasps, 100 cows, as well as many wild animals, including rabbits, deer and pheasants.

The next visit Porsche Taycan will stop in Switzerland, France and .