Saturday, July 13, 2024

Optima reveals trailers that can recharge the Rivian EV in the wild

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It’s no secret that the Rivian R1T electric pickup and R1S electric SUV are powerful off-roaders. But it seems to recharge in the wild seems impossible.

Luckily, Optima offers a charging solution in the wild by releasing a trailer capable of charging Rivian and the equipment inside.

This Turtleback trailer is equipped with a lithium-ion battery to turn it into an Optima Power Station. It has a Level 2 charger and 12-, 110- and 220-volt outlets capable of powering most of the user’s electronic equipment during their adventures in the wild.

In its use, the battery from Rivian should not be used until it runs out. The Optima Turtleback trailer can take Rivian’s power from 0% to 80%, In addition to reloading the vehicle, the trailer can also function as a base camp.

Optima produces 2 trailers, the first, the Kitchen Turtle, is equipped with an electric stove, a sink, and a 45 gallon water tank. Meanwhile, the Utility Turtle trailer comes with storage space to fit up to two motorbikes and plenty of camping gear.

In addition to the trailer, Rivian has various updates, especially in terms of exterior appearance. Most striking are the 20-inch Black Rhino tires featuring a bronze finish and 35-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires to support acceleration on bumpy road contours.

They are joined by additional accessories, such as lights, Overland Ruff Rax modular shelving, and a roof-mounted tent/bed. They have also been equipped with the new OrangeTop HyperCore Lithium Quad 30 battery from Optima.

Rivian is redesigning Camp Kitchen on R1T

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