Iveco receives order for S-Way LNG dan S-Way CNG emission-free truck from Hegelmann Group

Iveco S Way LNG Iveco S Way CNG - Iveco receives order for S-Way LNG dan S-Way CNG emission-free truck from Hegelmann Group

has received an order book of 150 trucks and 10 trucks from the German logistics service company, Hegelmann Group.

With a total of 160 natural gas powered trucks this will expand its green fleet as one of the Hegelmann Group’s goals to achieve an era of sustainability in significant CO2-free long-haul operations over the past few years. Previously, Hegelmann had operated 20 units of Iveco LNG trucks.

This continued has prompted the Hegelmann Group to invest again in advanced LNG and CNG from one of the leaders in green vehicles in the European market. Iveco S-Way LNG and CNG have also proven that the is nearly carbon neutral at well-to-wheel when operated with Biomethane.

John Venstra as Head of Key Accounts Iveco said that the Hegelmann Group has proven firsthand in their operations with the first 20 units of Iveco S-Way LNG trucks that provide a viable solution for sustainable transportation.

“After the initial 20 units, they are now significantly extending their natural gas-powered fleet with this new setup. We are proud to support their efforts towards decarbonizing transport in accordance with Iveco’s commitments and have led us to pioneer natural gas technology for over 25 years,” he said in his official broadcast, Friday (15/7/2022).

The Iveco S-Way LNG and CNG trucks that have been ordered are tractor-head 4×2 trucks powered by a Cursor 13 WG Euro 6 step E natural gas engine with a capacity of 12,900 cc which is capable of producing a maximum power of 460 hp at 1,620-1,900 rpm and peak torque of up to 2,000 Nm at 1,100-1,620 rpm.

The LNG truck is equipped with two LNG tanks with a capacity of 540 liters installed on each side of the vehicle and provides a total capacity of up to 390 kg of liquid Bio-LNG, for a range of up to 1,600 km. Meanwhile, the CNG truck has four gas tanks, each with a gravimetric filling volume of 160 kg, mounted on the left and right sides allowing a range of up to 670 km.

With this, the Hegelmann Group is stated to have significantly reduced CO2 emissions by up to 95 percent compared to diesel engines and can even achieve a negative carbon footprint when using biomethane produced from vegetable waste.

In addition to low consumption, the Hegelmann Group has also been impressed by the reduction in natural gas engine noise in Iveco S-Way LNG and CNG vehicles which are 50 percent quieter than diesel units which make them ideal for use in restricted traffic zones and for night .

“In the current situation of exploding LNG prices, the decision was not easy, but we consciously decided to offer sustainable transportation over the long term,” said Andreas Schmidt, CSO of Hegelmann Group/CEO of Hegelmann Germany.

As requested by the Hegelmann Group, the new Iveco S-Way LNG tractor-head unit is equipped with a variety of special options aimed at simplifying the daily life of the driver. The cabin roof insulation, automatic air conditioning system and auxiliary heating system, luxury driver’s seat and three-level heating function provide a pleasant environment inside the cabin.

In addition, the interior of the heavy-duty truck is also made more functional by the presence of a premium refrigerator with freezer compartment, including a thermally insulated storage box, as well as two additional USB ports and a 230V power socket.

Sun curtains in the side windows, DAB+ radio, large luggage compartment and a wide and comfortable bed contribute to great comfort in the cabin with the addition of special equipment including a tire pressure monitoring system, axle load display and LED headlights.