Monday, July 22, 2024

Hyundai Makes Air Purifier from Ioniq 5 EV Parts

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Hyundai reuses spare parts and parts from the Ioniq 5 electric car, to make an air purifier. In a video uploaded on their YouTube channel, Hyundai explains that the Ionic 5 has gone through various tests for a year, to ensure safety in the final version. Ranging from noise, vibration, and hardness or NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) testing, wind tunnel noise testing, AVS regulation tests, to vehicle warning system tests.

Instead of taking the conventional way to throw it away after all these trials have been carried out, the South Korean manufacturer adopted the technology to create a new device. An air purifier, under the vision of progress for humanity.

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“After completing its mission as a test car, the Ioniq 5 awaits a new transformation,” Hyundai wrote in a statement.

In the video entitled “Rebirth”, it can be seen that the Ioniq 5 which was in one piece was completely disassembled, to be taken into several parts. Such as, cooling fans, batteries, door panels, LED taillights, infotainment units on the dashboard, and of course the filter section that can be used to filter the air. In fact, the engineers who designed also used 20-inch alloy wheels, to be used as a lid on the top of the case of the air purifier.

There is no further information regarding whether Hyundai will make this experiment a sustainability program on their Ioniq 5 electric car in the future. Or just simply writing in the caption on the YouTube video, that “adventurous change is coming soon”.

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Regarding the Ioniq 5, this latest electric car has only been marketed by Hyundai in several countries. In the United States, shipments to new consumers took place last December.

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