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Hengchi 5 electric SUV : specifications, range and price

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As electrification develops, many new companies have sprung up to work on this segment. One of them is Hengchi, which is a brand made by China’s Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group. They have launched their first product, the Hengchi 5 SUV. It has even started to send the full electric car to consumers.

Interestingly Evergrande itself does not have a background as an automotive manufacturer. However, they have prepared a big map to penetrate the global market. Evergrande’s vision also received a fairly lively response from the community. It is evident from the number of pre-orders received two weeks after the launch of Hengchi 5 last July which reached 37,000 units. Later, after the first model launched, the second product will be ready to be introduced and enter production in the first half of 2023. The third model will follow in the second half of 2023.

So what makes Hengchi 5 attractive? The first is its form in the form of an SUV. This is a concept that people are interested in today. Its dimensions are 4,725 mm long, 1,925 mm wide and 1,688 mm high. Then its ability as a fully battery-powered vehicle. The Hengchi 5 has a power output of 204 hp and 305 Nm of torque which comes from a single electric motor at the front wheels. It’s not an impressive number, but still powerful.

While the battery capacity of 72.8 kWH type lithium phosphate is able to allow the car to travel as far as 700 kilometers (based on NEDC testing). The power supply can be charged with fast charging for about 28 minutes for charging from the 30% to 80% position.

Embedded technology is no less interesting. It already has a level 2 autonomous driving system called Hengchi H-Pilot. Consists of various features such as Lane Change Assist and an automatic parking system. While the interior is made contemporary, luxurious and full of gadgets. Massive sunroof covers the roof.

The dashboard like the future car is made clean with no button knick-knacks. Purely replaced by a screen that is divided into 3. The main display measuring 14.6 inches, while the two screens for the driver and passengers measuring 10.25 inches. All information, both about vehicles and multimedia, is clearly displayed there. All three are already connected with 5G connectivity through the Baidu operating system.

The center console is also not much different, the control functions are made small so that the clean concept is fully obtained. Not to forget in the area there is a wireless charger to charge electronic devices.

Hengchi 5 itself is priced from $ 26,000 and is only presented in 1 variant. However, consumers can choose it in a variety of color options such as white, red, blue, black, brown and silver.

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