Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Foxconn teases Model V electric pickup, debuts for October 18

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Foxconn is preparing to be present in the electric pickup segment with the Model V. The electric pickup segment is one of the electric vehicle segments with intense competition in addition to the electric SUV segment. In the electric pickup segment, there are many models from various manufacturers.

Model V appeared in a short teaser video that was just published before his debut on October 18th. The Model V was made by the Taiwanese company’s own design studio unlike the Model E and Model B which were designed with Pininfarina. This means that the design language will also be different from the previously mentioned electric vehicle models.

From the side the Model V looks like a compact dual-cab pickup, similar in size to the Ford Ranger, or even smaller. No dimensions have been revealed yet.

The LED on the front is L-shaped with fangs like Peugeot on the bumper. The double “H” lighting signifies the Hon Hai Technology Group which is Foxconn’s parent company.

The grille is covered and the possibility of integrating ADAS sensors is possible, while the front bumper features a modern pattern on the body-coloured parts. Another thing that we can highlight is the flat door handle and the hidden panel on the back door. In the F-150-style taillights that look elongated at the rear door, and wide ground clearance.

The Foxconn Model V doesn’t look as rugged as some of its competitors. The electric pickup will launch on Hon Hai Tech Day 2022, alongside the smaller Model B EV.

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