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Everything You should know about GMC Sierra EV Denali

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After successfully marketing the Hummer EV electric pickup, a leading automotive manufacturer from the United States (US), GMC, has just added to its electrified vehicle portfolio by launching a new electric pickup called the Sierra EV.

This latest electric pickup comes with 3 variants consisting of Denali Edition 1 as the highest variant, AT4 and also Elevation. All three variants are built on a dedicated ‘Ultium’ EV pickup truck platform, which is capable of a range of up to 643 km (400 miles) on a full load.

“That means there’s nothing left in terms of haulage, towing and power. From the Hummer EV to the Sierra EV, GMC continues to write new chapters in the future as a premium pickup truck and SUV brand,” said Duncan Aldred, Vice President Global Buick and GMC.

Exteriorly, the GMC Sierra EV has an aesthetic, bold and ultra-premium design thanks to a futuristic-style grille that functions as an eTrunk (front cargo space) which is integrated with more expressive LED headlights.

From the side, GMC still maintains a design style that exudes a solid, masculine and tough impression. This can be seen in the curved lines that seem to be a ‘muscle’ of the vehicle plus the choice of 18-22-inch rims, depending on the variant.

This double cabin pickup is claimed to have the largest size in its class. Overall length dimensions reach 6,010 mm, width 2,076 mm, height 2,031 mm and a wheelbase of 3,595 mm and a ground clearance of 259 mm.

On the roof, the pickup is also equipped with a new panoramic sunroof that spans both passenger rows and already has a UV coating, which can keep the interior at a comfortable temperature.

At the rear, the tailgate of the GMC Sierra EV is indeed similar to other models with conventional engines. However, the pickup is already using the Multipro Midgate feature, where the rear cabin can be folded to provide a wider load space.

Entering inside, the interior of this electric pickup also provides a simple yet aesthetic and sophisticated feel thanks to the wood trim that dominates the dashboard to the 16.8-inch touchscreen and the 11-inch instrument cluster that can be reconfigured in front of the driver.

In addition, there is also a multi-color head-up display measuring 14 inches diagonally. Sophisticated again, this pickup has 14 digital camera display screens available to support and increase visibility around the vehicle.

The cabin of the GMC Sierra EV also features various other features such as aluminum and stainless steel accents on the speaker grille of the Bose sound system, wireless charging, USB ports and various storage areas including cup holders.

Regarding the specifications, unfortunately, the GMC has not stated how much the electric battery capacity is. However, the electric pickup has an electric motor capable of producing 754 hp and 1,064 Nm of torque which is channeled to the e-four-wheel-drive (e4WD) system.

In just 10 minutes, the pickup can increase its range to 160 km (100 miles) with 350 kW (DC) fast charging. The pickup is also equipped with standard 19.2 kW onboard charging (AC) for home and public charging.

Potential rivals for the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV electric pickups are priced at around $50,000 USD. This pickup will soon enter the production stage in 2024 and will be followed by other variants.

GMC Sierra EV Denali revealed with 754 hp and 400-mile range

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