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Everything you should know about Baran Energy Anubis CruiserCross

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Baran Energy is a company engaged in the provision of electrical energy storage from Indonesia.

The company is also developing various electric vehicles. One of them is an electric motorcycle named Baran Energy Anubis CruiserCross.

The adventure genre is very attached to this Indonesian-made electric motorbike. The Baran Energy Anubis CruiserCross has a design like a cruiser motorbike that is ready for adventure in all fields.

This sport touring electric motorcycle is equipped with a fairly capable drive. The drive is capable of producing a maximum power of 43 hp and a maximum torque of 106 Nm.

With this drive the Baran Energy Anubis CruiserCross is able to penetrate the speed of 158 km / h.

Carrying a battery with a power of 63 kWh, this electric motor can cover a distance of 132 km when driving in urban areas.

There is no official price related to the sale of this Indonesian-made electric motorcycle.

However, if you are interested, this motorbike can be ordered through the official website owned by Baran Energy.

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