Friday, July 12, 2024

DHL Express to Electrify Ground Handling Fleet at Brussels Airport

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DHL Express is set to electrify a third of its loaders and tractors at Brussels Airport this summer, totaling 24 vehicles, as part of its commitment to sustainability. The initiative follows a successful trial phase using electric handling equipment and is expected to significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint at the airport by more than half.

The logistics provider, in collaboration with Brussels Airport, will establish necessary charging infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted operations for time-critical shipments. DHL Express has already transitioned its crew buses and tarmac cars to all-electric models, further advancing its environmental goals.

Funding for the new electric vehicles is partly supported by the Stargate project, which received subsidies under the European Green Deal aimed at promoting greener aviation initiatives. Specific financial details, including DHL’s investment, have not been disclosed.

Kirsten Carlier, CEO of DHL Aviation, praised the swift implementation, stating, “Electrifying a third of the ground equipment in just a few weeks – that’s quite a feat by our technical department.”

Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport, highlighted the broader environmental benefits, stating, “We are pleased that we are taking the next important step in the electrification of ground-handling equipment within our Stargate project, and that DHL Express is taking the lead.”

The Stargate programme, involving 22 consortium partners including DHL and Brussels Airport, aims to implement 30 projects focused on decarbonisation and improving environmental quality by the end of 2026. This initiative underscores a collective effort towards reducing CO2 emissions and noise pollution from airport operations, benefiting both employees and local communities.

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