Friday, July 12, 2024

Cruise expands autonomous taxi service to Phoenix, Arizona to Texas in the next 90 days

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Cruise, an autonomous taxi service, said the company will expand self-driving services to Phoenix, Arizona, Austin and Texas in the next 90 days, said General Motors (GM) Cruise Chief Executive Kyle Vogt.

Vogt said Cruise is aiming for $1 billion in revenue by 2025, half of GM’s current annual investment rate.

Previously, Cruise started running self-driving cars in San Francisco at night using a Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle.

“Cruise operates as many as 70 driverless AVs simultaneously in San Francisco, and plans to double or triple that number by the end of the year,” said Vogt.

Vogt said its Austin and Phoenix operations will initially involve only small amounts and will “generate revenue,” which will increase the value of operations next year.

In this case, Cruise has obtained all the necessary permits to use self-driving cars for ride-hailing and delivery services in Phoenix, where it has tested its self-driving delivery service with Walmart, one of its investors.

Alphabet’s Waymo (GOOGL.O) already operates driverless taxi services in suburban Phoenix.

Cruise has updated software in 80 self-driving vehicles following a crash in San Francisco that injured two people in June.

California approves a Autonomous GM Cruise taxi service in San Francisco

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