BYD to offer Tang EV, Han EV and Atto 3 in Europe

BYD to offer Tang EV, Han EV and Atto 3 in Europe

has previously announced that it will enter the market in a number of European countries. Recent reports from German media say BYD will come with three models for the European market.

The three electric vehicle models planned for Europe are the Tang EV electric SUV already offered in Norway, the Han EV electric sedan and the Atto 3.

is the global name for . This electric vehicle has also arrived for the Australian market. The BYD Atto 3 is based on BYD’s 800 volt electric car platform called e-platform 3.0.

Meanwhile Tang EV and Han EV use a multi-energy platform. In China, the Tang EV and Han EV are also offered as plug-in hybrids. In Europe, the -electric versions of the Tang EV and Han EV rely on BYD’s with LFP cells.

The company did not mention their target for the European market. Penny Peng, head of marketing at BYD Europe, said European customers should slowly get used to new vehicle offerings from China. “We just have to be humble,” said Peng. In Norway, the BYD Tang e-SUV has sold around 2,200 units for around 50,000 euros.

BYD has yet to name a price for their three for the German market. In the case of the Atto 3, for example, this will likely be the familiar electric SUV around the . In Germany and , the BYD model will be sold in collaboration with the Hedin Group.

BYD continues global expansion, enter German & Swedish EV markets in Q4