Monday, July 15, 2024

BMW to Develop Exclusive Neue Klasse EVs for Chinese Market

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German automaker BMW has officially announced that its upcoming Neue Klasse electric vehicles (EVs), set to debut in the coming years, will feature a new-generation design language showcased in the Vision Neue Klasse concept. CEO Oliver Zipse has confirmed that this design approach will not only extend to the electric platform but also to customized models exclusive to the Chinese market.

Speaking at the World New Energy Vehicle Congress, Zipse revealed that BMW Design Shanghai is already actively engaged in crafting unique designs and functionalities for Neue Klasse vehicles specifically tailored for Chinese consumers. While Zipse did not provide specific details about the differences, he emphasized that BMW recognizes the distinct preferences of Chinese buyers and the immense significance of the Chinese market, where more than 33 percent of BMW’s sales take place.

Production of Neue Klasse cars is scheduled to commence in Debrecen, Hungary, in 2025, followed by Munich, Germany, and Shenyang, China, in 2026. The lineup will be completed with BMW’s San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico, where production of Neue Klasse vehicles is set to begin in 2027.

This move by BMW to create China-exclusive Neue Klasse models is in line with the company’s strategy of catering to the unique demands of the Chinese market. In the past, BMW has introduced several China-only vehicles, such as the i3 eDrive35L, an electric version of the 3-Series, and a long-wheelbase variant of the new 5-Series equipped with a 31-inch Theatre Screen rear infotainment package.

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