Friday, July 12, 2024

BMW has new testing center for test its autonomous cars

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BMW built a special facility in Solokov, Czech Republic for the development of driving technology, especially autonomous cars. In the facility there is a circuit that has two tracks that function to maximize BMW’s driving assistance technology.

Currently the facility is still under construction. It’s just that the special circuit can be used 100 percent. Carscoops said that the plan is to open the facility next year. In an official statement, BMW said the facility would employ 100 people.

Andreas Heb, BMW’s representative at the Solokov facility, said that both tracks are dedicated to maximizing BMW’s autonomous technology. In addition, there is a test of the latest safety features created by BMW.

“We are now testing the new assist system from a driver’s safety point of view and advancing further development of the test,” explains Andreas Heb.

Currently BMW is not too fast to adapt autonomous technology. Until now, only Tesla, General Motors, and Ford have developed autonomous car technology.

Tesla has even claimed to have succeeded in achieving level 4 autonomous technology or Full Self Driving. Through this technology, their cars can run, maneuver themselves according to road conditions.

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