Blaupunkt Enno specifications : Everything you need to know

Blaupunkt Enno specifications

Blaupunkt is more famous as a manufacturer of electronic equipment. However, this German company also produces electric bicycles.

Recently, they launched a folding electric called the . This vehicle comes with 20-inch wide tires and a of 80 km on a full .

The Enno folding electric bicycle has a rear mounted electric motor, the maximum is 25 km/h. This can be folded in several places, including the pedals and handlebars. Blaupunkt Enno comes with a quick-release mechanism to help open the bike when needed.

The of the electric bicycle are 1,000 x 500 x 750 mm in the folded position, and 1,750 x 700 x 1,100 mm when in the unfolded position. There are five riding modes on the bike. On the other hand, the battery is also removable.

This battery belongs to the 36 volt type and takes about 7.5 hours to be fully charged from an empty state. The range of the bicycle can be more than 80 km if using an additional battery.

The net weight of the Blaupunkt Enno (including battery) is 32 kg. This electric bicycle is capable of supporting a maximum payload of up to 110 kg. There are two luggage racks on this bike, one at the front and the other at the back, as well as LED lighting.

There is an LCD screen that provides driving information including battery status and speed. The of the Blaupunkt Enno folding electric bicycle is 1,899 euros. There is no further word on whether this vehicle will be available outside of .

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