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Audi Urban Purifier to clean air for everyone while driving and charging

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Audi is testing a new filter technology that is said to be able to clean city air from pollution using the Audi e-tron electric car.

Called the Audi Urban Purifier, this filter technology is being tested using the Audi e-tron electric car in a collaborative project between Audi and MANN+HUMMEL.

This new filter project is primarily aimed at solving the problem of particulate matter pollution generated by any vehicle including electric cars.

Yup, although it no longer produces exhaust emissions, electric cars still produce pollution in the form of particulate dust.

As one solution, Audi and MANN+HUMMEL developed the Urban Purifier filter that can be attached to the front of the Audi e-tron.

In principle, when the car is running, dust particles from cars and other vehicles will be sucked in and filtered by the Urban Purifier filter.

Since it is attached to the main air flow component of the Audi e-tron, the Urban Purifier filter can release clean air while keeping dust from flying again.

Interestingly, the Urban Purifier filter can also suck pollution dust when the car is still charging using the cooling fan.

This filter project has been launched since 2020 and will take place over a four-year period.

Audi says this filter has been tested on the Audi e-tron as far as 50,000 kilometers and has been shown to not cause negative effects on electric cars.

How effective is it? Audi claims the Urban Purifier system is very effective, it can clean the air of the city of Stuttgart.

To make this system more efficient, Audi is working with MANN+HUMMEL to link the car to sensors such as weather stations.

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