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Aiways U6 officially available for reservation in the Chinese market, come with 3 battery options

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Aiways U6 is currently available for reservation for consumers in China. The Aiways U6 is slated to launch in Europe in the third quarter of 2022. However, it remains unclear whether the trim levels offered in China will also be available for the European market.

According to Chinese media reports, the U6 will be available in China with three battery variants (63, 72 and 88 kWh), giving a range of 503, 580 and 650 kilometers respectively.

In comparison, Aiways is also present in Europe with the U5 electric SUV which is technically closely related to the U6. The U5 electric SUV comes with a 63 kWh battery in the European market.

Aiways relies on CATL as a supplier for two new battery versions that use cell-to-pack technology.

For reservations, customers in China will have to pay 6,000 yuan (870 euros) at a final price that has yet to be announced. In China, the U6 comes in Play (63 kWh), Cyber ​​Play (72 kWh) and Top Play (88 kWh) versions. Aiways promised the first 1,666 customers would receive a 10,000 yuan (1,450 euro) discount if they made sure to order later.

Aiways U5 electric SUV : specifications, price and range

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