Friday, July 12, 2024

XPeng S4 ultra-fast charging can give EVs 210 km range in just 5 minutes

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After previously pre-order the G9 electric SUV, Xpeng Motors has just presented its S4 ultra-fast charging technology.

The company promises an additional 210 kilometers of range in five minutes using the S4’s ultra-fast charger, real-world tests show.

The S4 ultra-fast charger has a maximum power of 480 kW, a maximum current of 670 A and a peak charging power of 400 kW, said XPeng CEO He Xiaopeng.

By comparison, the Tesla V3 Supercharger has a maximum power of 250 kW, a maximum current of 631 A and provides an additional 150 kilometers of range in five minutes, according to the table shown by Mr. Hey.

Porsche’s Turbo supercharging has a maximum power of 350 kW, a maximum current of 500 A and gives a range of 120 km in 5 minutes.

XPeng said it will focus on building S4 stations in 10 cities with the largest number of G9 orders this year. After that the company will provide it in major cities and along core highways by 2023.

XPeng also announced that it has put into operation its first S4 supercharging station, bringing the number of self-operated charging stations to 1,000, covering 337 cities in China.

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