Wuling is coming to Indoesian market with Wuling EV city car

Wuling EV - Wuling is coming to Indoesian market with Wuling EV city car

Motors has finally officially introduced an car for the Indonesian market, namely the Wuling EV at Laguna Atrium, Central Park Jakarta, Wednesday (1/6/2022).

The Wuling EV, which will soon be sell in , applies a future tech design language that combines a touch of the future and technology.

Dian Asmahani Brand & Marketing Director of Wuling Motors said, Wuling has displayed GSEV-based at various automotive exhibition events in Indonesia since 2018.

“We really appreciate the positive response given by the community and government in welcoming the presence of Wuling electric vehicles. Of course, this is what drives us to continue to innovate through environmentally friendly vehicles,” said Dian, Wednesday (1/6/2022).

At the end of March 2022, Wuling also announced a sketch of the shape of an to be marketed in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, this car is still in the introductory stage, not yet sold and marketed in Indonesia. In this pre-launch activity, Wuling exhibited as many as 5 Wuling EV units with several color choices.

This already uses the Extended Horizon LED Daytime Running Light combined with chrome strips and black trim. Then, the Illuminous Wuling logo on the front also adds a modern impression that makes it very different from other Wuling product lines.

There is a futuristic rearview mirror with a design like floating but still sturdy to give a light impression. The aero-craft cabin window which is in the second row further sharpens the future elements of this Wuling electric vehicle. The unique window shape not only enhances the driving experience but is also unique in appearance.