Tuesday, July 16, 2024

What we know so far about Cadillac Celestiq premium electric sedan

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Following the many claims that this car will ‘shame’ Mercedes and Tesla on interior quality, the Cadillac Celestiq 2023 has finally made a big debut. Cadillac has just revealed their future flagship electric sedan. While it may not be 100% production ready yet, we are shown the design inside and out.

Cadillac takes inspiration from classic cars such as the V16-powered pre-war era and the handcrafted 1957 Eldorado Brougham. “These vehicles represent the pinnacle of luxury in their respective eras, and help make Cadillac the world standard,” said Tony Roma, Cadillac’s chief engineer. “The Celestiq comes in sedan form, as its configuration offers the ultimate luxury experience that builds on that pedigree and captures the spirit we wanted to express.”

The interior may be even more astonishing than the exterior. “We combine the beauty of function with the beauty of form,” says Laetitia Lopez, Cadillac color and trim creative designer. “We had to reconsider all aspects to immerse the customer, all their senses, and create a connection with the vehicle through the finest original materials, extraordinary details and state-of-the-art technology.”

The inside of the Celestiq looks impressive with its massive 55-inch-diagonal state-of-the-art LED display, which is just an inch smaller than the Mercedes Hyperscreen but delivers more screen. Cadillac says the 55-inch screen allows passengers to watch video content with an electronic digital blind feature, which prevents drivers from seeing it from their point of view. That’s not the only screen, though, as there’s also a screen on the console, a door-mounted screen for the rearview camera, a screen on the rear console, and two screens on the front seat backs.

We’ll have to wait for the production car to get all the details, but Cadillac leaked some of the more revolutionary technology like the Small Glass Roof with variable transmission. It features something called a Suspended Particle Device (SPD), which allows four zones of variable illumination. Very little has been said about the Celestiq’s power source, but it is likely that this model will sport an Ultium-based EV architecture. Cadillac says the Celestiq will also debut Ultra Cruise technology, the next evolution of the already excellent GM Super Cruise.

More news about the production of the Celestiq will be revealed at a later date. Cadillac promises this will be the most advanced vehicle to date, and will reportedly retail for a premium of around $300,000.

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