Saturday, July 13, 2024

Get a new partnership, Ford is confident to achieve the target of 600,000 electric vehicles in 2023

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Ford is preparing to “speed up” in the electric vehicle industry by setting a production target of around 600,000 units by 2023.

Ford’s ambitious project is not without reason, because the manufacturer from Uncle Sam’s country has just established a new partnership with a battery manufacturer.

Ford is confident that with this new partnership, it is able to achieve its annual target of producing 600 thousand units of electric vehicles next year and 2 million electric cars in 2026.

Investments disbursed reached 50 billion dollars, and so far Ford claims to have secured a battery capacity of 60 gigawatts / hour.

To reach this achievement, Ford revealed its strategy. First, Ford relies on the Mustang Mach-E in the American, European and Chinese markets with a target of 270.00 units to be sold.

Then, there are the F-150 Lightnings which are predicted to sell as many as 150,000 units in the American market. Then there is E-Transit in the American and European markets. Finally, there will be an all-new SUV EV unit which is claimed to be able to significantly boost sales.

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