Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Uber Freight and Aurora Extend Partnership, Launch Driverless Truck Initiative

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Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation have announced an extension of their partnership with a new long-term deal aimed at deploying autonomous trucks on shipping routes between Dallas and Houston, Reuters reported based on company statements.

The collaboration, which follows a successful pilot phase, marks a significant step in the autonomous trucking industry. Initially utilizing autonomous trucks with safety drivers in Texas, Aurora’s acquisition of Uber’s autonomous vehicle unit in 2020 laid the foundation for this expanded initiative.

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Aurora Innovation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, plans to introduce driverless deliveries along the Dallas-Houston route by the end of this year. Uber Freight will be Aurora’s first customer for its autonomous trucking service, deploying up to 20 trucks manufactured by Volvo and Paccar on this key transportation corridor.

“This agreement with Uber Freight represents a milestone as our first customer for autonomous freight delivery,” said Aurora’s president, Ossa Fisher. “It provides hundreds of carriers with priority access to autonomous truck capacity, transforming the industry towards widespread adoption of driverless technologies.”

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Uber Freight’s founder and CEO, Lior Ron, emphasized the efficiency gains anticipated from autonomous trucks: “Autonomous trucks will enhance the efficiency of goods transportation. Our Premier Autonomy initiative will facilitate the adoption of Aurora’s technology, offering seamless integration onto the Uber Freight platform.”

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The Premier Autonomy program is designed to streamline access to Aurora’s autonomous driving system, the Aurora Driver, through a subscription model. It aims to enable Uber Freight carriers to leverage over one billion driverless miles by 2030, promising significant energy efficiency benefits compared to traditional trucks.

“Aurora’s research indicates that autonomous trucks can achieve up to 32% greater energy efficiency through optimized speeds and reduced idling,” Ron added, highlighting the environmental advantages that will appeal to potential customers.

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