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Transjakarta uses the Golden Dragon (SAG) electric bus to add to its fleet in 2023

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The Jakarta government stated that by 2023 it would add 100 new electric buses. Currently they have operated as many as 30 units of an electric-based bus fleet.

“We have launched 30 Transjakarta (electric) buses. Next year Transjakarta will continue to add at least 100 Transjakarta electric buses,” said Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria

Previously they had tested electric buses before they were operated for public transportation by cooperating with several new bus brands, one of which was Golden Dragon (SAG).

The electric bus used is SAG type XML6125JEVJ0C3 which is an electric bus from China measuring 12 meters which is claimed to have high efficiency as well as good reliability and comfort so that it is suitable as a Bus Rapid Transit fleet.

From its appearance, this SAG electric bus has a simple design language but gives a modern and futuristic impression. This bus uses a large single glass providing a wide view from the inside.

This bus is a low-deck type bus where the height of the cabin is parallel to the sidewalk so that passengers can board easily. Even people with disabilities who use wheelchairs will find it easy to ride the bus.

Dimensionally, the Golden Dragon XML6125JEVJ0C3 bus has an overall length of up to 12,000mm, width of 2,540mm, height of 3,120mm, wheelbase of 5,700mm and has an overhang size of 2,650mm at the front and 3,350 at the rear.

With a capacity of 24 seats and can be added as an option, this electric bus offers comfort with a spacious passenger cabin.

The height of the cabin is of course in accordance with the height of the majority of the people of Jakarta so that even if they have to stand, passengers are guaranteed to be ‘anti-sick’ when holding the flexible handrails even for people with above average height.

Not only passengers, drivers who spend hours driving this electric bus are also pampered with a modern, sophisticated, functional and comfortable wheelhouse.

This is thanks to the driver’s seat that can be adjusted in height so that the driver gets better visibility and keeps the focus on road conditions intact. Plus, the ergonomic dashboard allows drivers to perform their daily tasks in the best possible conditions.

As the driving force, this SAG electric bus carries a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery with a capacity of 324 kWh and a PMSM electric motor which is claimed to be able to provide power of 345 hp and maximum torque of 3,500 Nm.

One of the advantages of this electric bus from China is its charging speed which can only be done for 60 minutes and has a maximum range of 250 km per day with a maximum power consumption of 1.3 kWh per km.

This bus also offers a plug-in DC charging model where charging can be said to be done overnight charging or charging at night at the depot after the operation is complete. According to Transjakarta, the charging time for this bus is around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Meanwhile, this bus is built on strength steel, electrophoretic coated body, lightweight materials, optimized monocoque body structure, and also available aluminum body and stainless steel body.

Jakarta will convert 3,000 internal combustion engine buses into electric buses

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