Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Thor Vision Vehicle Concept, electric camper van with 300-mile range

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Thor Industries recently introduced its new concept electric campervan for consumers who love camping in the great outdoors. This electric vehicle is claimed to have the best range in its class, which is as far as 300 miles on a single charge.

Thor Vision Vehicle Concept is equipped with a power management system that allows the owner to know the strength of the vehicle’s battery. In other words, the driver can know how many more kilometers the vehicle needs to be charged.

The system also makes it easier for drivers to help locate charging stations from a connected phone. The system also provides information on how far away the charging station is.

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Not only a sophisticated power management system, the electric car also provides a number of digital entertainment. Thor Industries electric campervan is known to have a digital cockpit integrated with the screen.

The company claims that its new electric RV is the world’s most versatile recreational EV concept car. How not, this electric vehicle is equipped with a smart sound feature that simplifies all activities in the room.

The interior can also be said to be quite luxurious. This electric campervan is equipped with a comfortable kitchen, bed and small room. But so far it is not known when this electric car will be marketed.

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