The Xpeng G9 is claimed to be the world’s fastest-charging production electric SUV

The Xpeng G9 is claimed to be the world's fastest-charging production electric SUV

The Chinese manufacturer, , claims that the newly launched G9 has a charging of up to 800 V and is said to be a mass-produced with the fastest charging in the world.

This means that the steps taken by XPeng can answer the concerns of automotive lovers, regarding charging cars which still require quite a long time.

Quoted from the page, according to the manufacturer, the supercharging that is presented is 480 kW which can provide a crossover up to a distance of 124 miles (200 km) in just five minutes. That time is blazing fast and that means the battery can charge 10–80 percent in just 15 minutes.

This car itself officially launched on September 21 by presenting six different variants. It is equipped with rear- drive with an electric motor that produces 308 hp (230 kW / 313 PS) and 317 lb-ft (430 Nm) of torque. This number allows this car to accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 6.4 seconds.

Not only special in terms of charging, this one car also offers a digital instrument cluster with a 15-inch 3D wide screen. Users will also be presented with voice controls that can activate various instruments at incredible speeds.

Talking about technology, the G9 is equipped with a second generation advanced driver assistance system as well as dual Nvidia Drive Orin chips. And comes with 31 sensors, cameras that can help the driver in all terrains.

Later this car itself will be distributed starting in October this year for the local market, and it is possible to immediately enter the global market.

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