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The latest Ola Electric electric motor is ready to be released, claimed to be the most environmentally friendly

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Electric vehicle specialist manufacturer from India, Ola Electric, is reportedly ready to launch a new electric motor.

Even this manufacturer claims this latest electric motor is the most environmentally friendly of any electric motor, how come?

Previously, Ola Electric had marketed the Ola S1 electric motorcycle and was quite successful in India. This is because the price is relatively cheap in India and the features are easily accessible.

Bhavish Aggarwal, executive of Ola Electric, made a post on his Twitter about the launch of the new Ola electric motorcycle.

The post makes the bold claim that the company will unveil “The Greenest EV ever made” ever made.

However, the post did not provide further details or even the name of the electric motor. It is also stated that the launch of the Ola electric motorcycle is scheduled for August 15, 2022.

This coincides with India’s upcoming Independence Day on 15 August. There is a possibility that the variant that will be released is a cheaper model than the Ola S1.

The Ola S1 Pro electric motorbike has a maximum range of 185 km (115 miles). The Ola S1’s maximum speed is 115 kilometers per hour, or 72 miles per hour.

It is possible that the latest version that will be launched is the cheapest version of the Ola S1.

Moreover, it is known that Ola Electric itself has ambitions to make the first lithium battery pack for use in vehicles manufactured in India.

Ola Electric unveils its first Indian-made battery cell, mass production from 2023

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