Friday, July 12, 2024

Tesla new milestone: Giga Berlin production increased up to 2,000 EVs per week

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Tesla confirmed that the Berlin Gigafactory has increased production to 2,000 electric vehicles per week for the first time.

If this new level of production can be maintained, it would be a major achievement for any automaker.

Launching Electrek, every car manufacturer in the world is currently facing a supply chain crisis that is very difficult to increase production of electric vehicles and survive the rapid transition to electric vehicles that is sweeping the industry.

Tesla has been a leader in that field for a decade, and Tesla’s production hasn’t slowed down at all, and now the company is simultaneously increasing production at its two main new plants, the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory.

“2,000 Y models have been produced at the Berlin Gigafactory this week,” Tesla wrote on Twitter on Sunday, October 2.

Tesla started production earlier this year, in June to be precise. The automaker previously revealed it has reached a production rate of more than 1,000 Model Y vehicles per week at the Berlin Gigafactory.

With 2,000 production of the Model Y this week, means Tesla managed to double the production rate in about three months. Regardless, the 2,000 Model Y vehicles per week from the Berlin Gigafactory will have a huge impact on Tesla’s operations globally.

The vehicles are sold in Europe, meaning Tesla doesn’t need to export 2,000 vehicles from China or the US every week to meet European demand.

Tesla Boost Giga Berlin Electric Vehicles Production With Second Shift

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